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Monday, November 19, 2007

Art essay, you may wonder, as to the meaning of this phrase. Essay writing itself is a skill and we can always write anything on any object of sculpture.’ Yes, perhaps you are right because multitudinous fields (some yet to be discovered) are within the purview of the word called Skill. Anybody ranging from a dilettante from a connoisseur can choose to sit for reading a text elaborating on an oeuvre of it caters to the aesthetic need and its appeal goes beyond the spatio-temporal order.

Skill refers to any visual object or experience consciously created through an expression of skill or imagination. It encompasses diverse media such as painting, sculpture, printing, drawing, decorative, photography, calligraphy, and installation. It is quite evident in college essay help where students take similar subjects.

The various visual skills exist within a continuum that ranges from pure aesthetic purposes at one end to purely utilitarian purposes at the other. This should by no means be taken as a rigid scheme especially in cultures in which everyday objects are painstakingly constructed and imbued with meaning. In the 20th century there disputes everywhere regarding the definition of skill. Some upholders of Dadaism like Marcel DuChamp implied that is enough for an artist to deem something “skill” and put it in a publicly accepted venue. Such intellectual experimentation continued throughout the 20th century in movements like Conceptual sculpture and Minimalism. By the turn of the 21st a variety of new media (e.g. video painting further challenged traditional definition of skill).

Of all the creative genres we must try to trace the origin in the most age-old one-‘the dramatic skill that is the culmination of all other forms such as music and recitation, pantomime, dance; visual skill like painting, craft and sculpture, (often used in the drama as stage-props), literary skill (the plot, theme and structure etc) and technical skill.

By the term ‘ technical essay skill we mean that a certain technology applied to produce a work of sculpture must have its birthplace somewhere in the aesthetic uniqueness of the one who has conceived or visualized the same. Skill in speaking, listening, reading, writing, learning, teaching, lovemaking, embroidery, fashion designing, modeling, culinary skills, gardening, documenting, even home making can find a place within the broad and often imbricated category called ‘art’.

Whether the theory -‘Art for art’s sake’ is valid has been quite a controversial essay issue down the ages. But minus the aesthetic value the utility alone can never inspire an essayist to sit and write on an object lacking in luster or that emanating aesthetic aura, as it were, fails to emerge as a common man’s wonder. Again, a creative writer utilizing his talent
in this particular genre coupled with subjectivity can make an ordinary piece of work appear to be a fabulous artistic piece.

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