What is Bibliography section of research paper

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bibliography section of a research paper generally comes at the end of your research article. This section contains the name and sometimes a short description of the different sources those you have used for making this research article. This section is a basic requirement of every types of research paper .

The bibliography, which is generally appended to the custom research paper , is a list of books in some way pertinent to the research which has been done. It should contain all those works which the researcher has consulted. The bibliography should be arranged alphabetically and may be divided into two parts; the first part may contain the names of books and pamphlets, and the second part may contain the names of magazines and newspaper articles.

Generally, this pattern of bibliography is considered convenient and satisfactory from the point of view of the readers though it is not the only way of presenting this section. The entries in bibliography should be made adopting the following order

For books and pamphlets the order may be as under:
a) name of author, last name first
b) Title, underlined to indicate italics
c) Place, publisher and date of publication
d) Number of volumes.
Piaget,Jean, Main Trends in Interdisciplinary Research, London: George Allen and Unwin Ltd., 1973

For magazines and newspapers the order may be as under:
a) Name of the author, last name first
b) Title of article, in quotation marks
c) Name of periodical, underlined to indicate italics
d) The volume or volume and number
e) The date of the issue
f) The pagination
Robert V. Roosa, “Coping with Short term International Money Flows”, The Banker, London, September, 1971, p. 995

The above examples are just the samples for bibliography entries for research paper help document and may be used, but one should also remember that they are not the only acceptable forms. The only thing important is that, whatever method one selects, it must remain consistent.

Any custom research paper generally contains the following sections 1) the cover page to give some very vital information in a glance 2) the acknowledgement section to acknowledge the people who have helped you in making the project 3) the index page which contains the page no. of different sections 4) the abstract of the index page 5) the literature survey section 6) the introduction section which introduces readers with the topic 6) the background study of the project 7) The sampling design 8) collection of data 9) analysis section 10) the research methodology section
11) the limitations of the study 12) the conclusion section 13) the bibliography section 14) the reference section. Though the bibliography section generally comes at the end of the paper it is very important in the context of the total research project. You need to very careful to make this section in a proper and beautiful manner.

Bibliography section of research paper generally talks about different literatures those we have used in making this research paper. It should contain all the names those we have used and not any name that we haven’t used.

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