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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Free example of essay gives some samples of article without taking any charge. You can find those in most of the writing agency’s website. But you can’t use those papers as those are mostly protected by copy right law. Anyway those articles can give you a fair bit of idea of how to construct a proper article and what are the ingredients you need to put in your paper. We take care of Macbeth essay.

The starting point of any college essay is to choose a very specific question from a topic in which you are very much comfortable. And the main ingredients of a paper are the data. There are basically two types of data namely the primary data and the secondary data. The primary data are those data which you collect from the direct source for the first time. These data are the first hand data and that is the reason that these data are extremely important for writing the paper.

Collecting those data are quite arduous job and you need to do a lot of field study. Where as the secondary data are those data which have been already collected by others for some different purpose. Just go through a lot of books, journals, magazines and other sources to collect these secondary data. Besides providing the precious secondary data those sources will also help you to make a good idea of the writing skills and various knowledge that you can put into your writing.

The paper will start with a cover page clearly stating the essay title paper . The content page of the paper will follow the cover page. If you want then you can put the acknowledgement section between the cover page and the content page. The content page is an indexing page which shows the page no. of different sections of the paper. It is followed by the abstract of the paper.

The abstract is followed by the literature survey. I strongly recommend the researchers to give a good emphasis on the literature survey; because a good literature survey can help you a lot in writing an extraordinary paper. The introduction of your paper will follow this section. In this section you will be able to discuss in details the reason for choosing this topic, its scope and importance and the approach that you have taken in this paper to find the solution of the stated problem. The background study is the next section.

The collected data are presented in the graphical form after this section. It is then followed by the analysis, research methodology, and limitations of the study, conclusion and the bibliography section. The sections which have been discussed here may be or may not be included in your paper, its order may also be different but this is a general architecture of a research paper.

Free example of essay is those which you can find in the writing agency’s websites given without any charge. If you need any kind of help for writing your paper just contact with us as we are the best writing agency in this business. We take care of your university essay .

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  • izyan

    i want the example of english essay

  • Support

    Dear Izyan,
    Could you kindly inform me what is the exact topic you want us to help you with?
    Well, there are many topics which cover the range of English Essay.
    I will be waiting for your response so that I can guide you furthermore.

  • jane

    can i have a example essay for ‘Teenagers who smoke are destroying their lives’.
    Thank You.

  • Support

    Dear Jane,
    Unluckily in our gallery of free samples, there is no such example essay.But listed below are some ideas which you can use to make a bright essay.Kindly consider the ideas:
    First of all, you should discuss that the teenagers who smoke, normally do it under peer pressure and for fun.But this does not mean that they are not aware of the consequences which can affect their health, tarnish their reputation as well as their future.Smoking includes cigarette,leaves, weeds and different powders may endanger not only the life of the smoker but also the people in his surrounding, which is one of the reasons for such a high rate of juvenile deliquency.The after effects of smoking can make the person lose total control over their minds and lead them to commit acts like stealing, threatening and even the worst-murdering someone.Kindly get in touch with us if you would like to receive more information.
    Site Admin

  • nina

    can i have an example of secondary school application essay on telling about “what make you stand out of others?”

  • content

    Dear Nina,
    You may find a countless number of samples online. We do have a few samples on our web site in a samples section. You may take a look.
    You can always use our services to get a unique and original application essay.

  • Dieyhah

    Hye .

    I want composition essay to describe a wedding please . Thanks .

  • Daniel

    I am writing about honesty.Any suggestions?

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