Academic Assignments – Writer’s Block – Causes and Solutions

Monday, December 21, 2009

Writer’s block is a threat to all types and levels of writers. Recognizing it is the first step towards getting out of it. Students are forced to deal with academic assignments with very tight and non-flexible deadlines regularly. Hence it is important that they know what a writer’s block is and how one can successfully deal with it.

Identifying the cause of your writer’s block is absolutely necessary for finding a cure for it. It is a psychological phenomenon where your mind shuts down due to extreme stress. Hence only by convincing your mind that you have found a solution to the particular problem, you will be able to snap out of the writer’s block.

There are various things that can cause writer’s block. One of them is the pressure of having to handle a tight deadline or multiple assignments, mostly research papers, with short deadlines. Since the task will not be an easy one you will find it impossible to start somewhere and writer’s block will set in. If you know that it is the cause of your writer’s block then the best way is to make a time sheet for the assignment which will cover all the work involved. It will make you more confident about the task in hand and show you that there is nothing to be so stressed about.

Another cause for writer’s block is lack of confidence in your skills. You might have been assigned a research paper topic which you find too tough or impossible to handle. This will also give rise to a writer’s block. It can also happen when you have very limited knowledge about the given topic. Not knowing where to start off can lead to a writer’s block. Consulting your advisor and taking advice on how to proceed about the project can ease a lot of stress, thus helping you overcome this problem.

You will also find that reasons like lack of interest in research paper writing or a topic that doesn’t sound interesting enough can also trigger off a block. If that is the case then the only way out is to digest the fact that you can’t escape an academic assignment if you are serious about completing your course. Research paper assignments are always better when handled well within the deadline than left to be done in the last few hours before the deadline. Do not let your lack of interest in the given topic affect your grades.

Writer’s block is not permanent. It comes and, when not dealt with, cures on its own. But when it happens at the wrong time, you will be forced to deal with it. Professional writers face blocks which last for several days at a time but students can’t afford to let it last so long. Hence while handling an academic assignment, try to do it in a stress-free manner, by organizing yourself well. Find an advisor who can guide you through the process.

If you are stuck with a block and your deadline is fast approaching you might want to consider using a custom research paper writing service to aid you in completing your academic assignment.

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