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Monday, January 14, 2008

Research paper idea is a piece of scholastic writing that requires a more abstract, vital, and a heightened level of inquiry, reflection and analysis than any usual write-up required in day to day life. One can gradually pick up that mindset the more one engages oneself in academic discussions and lectures at the college level, and of course, the more one devotes time in writing.

Research paper such a study involves first familiarizing yourself with the works of “experts”–for example, on the page, in cyberspace, or through personal interviews–to work upon what you know about a subject and then synthesizing their thoughts on the topic with your own.
• Write as if you were explaining your topic to a friend or family member, or to the political head of a federal government. Write as if your work was going to be a feature article in Time magazine, or as if you were submitting it to the leading academic journal in your field. Always choose an audience to write for, which will give you both a standard to evaluate your writing and the incentive to write clearly and at the appropriate level. But avoid journalese, clichés and hackneyed expressions.
• Write a strong thesis. Your thesis is your statement of intent: what do you intend to demonstrate or prove in your manuscript. Here’s some types of theses that will grab your (and your professor’s) attention:
1. Throw a gauntlet: Use your dissertation to challenge the known wisdom, the stuff “everybody knows”. E.g. “Lots of people think [A] but really [not-A]”
2. Search for an unusual relevance: Use an idea from science to illuminate a concept in literature, or vice versa.
3. Reconsider a ‘villain’. Defend a historical personage or literary character widely assumed to have been “a bad guy”.
• Rewrite a classic work in light of today’s technology, social structure, or culture.
• Then, as our subsequent steps will outline, the final product will be a unique and appropriate synthesis of evidence you have located outside yourself and personal insights generated from your own original think tank–your mind! No research paper guide save the comprehensive final exam seems to prompt such fear in students as the academic article, especially the open topic piece. Faced with the prospect of writing pages after pages on a topic, a lot of students panic, unsure how to write research paper about and how to investigate it.
Providing academic context and credibility to what you are asserting will help you enrich your text. No professor will be marking what the published experts have to say, only how well you use what the experts have to say to advance the objective of your study.
Custom research paper idea is a mere review of the academic “literature” in a field–i.e. a summary of the existing body of knowledge on your subject–does not make a scholastic study. A good research paper will obviously test your capacity for critical thinking. That doesn’t mean you won’t see or write some sort of summaries though, but usually only as part of longer write-ups for actual studies in the social or physical sciences.

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