Research recommendations

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Research recommendations produce a summary of what is to be expected from the research. It tells the goal of the research and the research methodology that the researcher has thought of to arrive at the destination. It talks about the scope and importance of the chosen subject and how it will add value in the existing store of knowledge.

It will also talk about the importance of this custom research paper subject in the present and future era. Apart from all these it also talks about the credibility of the researcher and what is the reason for choosing him for the project. So in a nutshell, we can say it talks about the reason for recommending the project.

The first important point to impress some one with your research proposal is a proper problem statement and it is not a very easy job. It needs a lot of literature survey to get a proper idea of the topic and then by doing a lot of trial and error method you can actually phrase a proper research statement.

A good research paper statement will be very specific and to the point but on the other hand it should be capable of expressing the whole range of the research area. The research methodology is the next important thing that will be evaluated thoroughly. The sample design, data collection methods and the analytical tools that you will use are the parameters those will be evaluated.

A good sample design has the following characteristics:

  • It should result in a truly representative sample.
  • It should be made in such a way so that there will be minimum sampling error.
  • It must be made by thinking of the budget available for the study.
  • It should be made in such a way so the systematic bias can be checked in the most efficient way.
  • It should be such that the results of the sample study can be applied, in general, for the universe with a reasonable level of confidence.

The methods of data collection that you will use should also stated in a proper manner.

Sound analytical tools must meet the tests of validity, reliability and practicability. In fact, these are the major considerations one should use in evaluating an analytical tool. Validity refers to the extent to which a test measures what we actually wish to measure. Two types of validity are usually mentioned in research literature viz. the external validity and the internal validity.

External validity of research paper help findings is their relations with the populations, settings, treatment variables and measurement variables. The internal validity of a research paper format design is its ability to measure what it aims to measure. Reliability has to do with the accuracy and the precision of an analytical tool. On the other hand, practicality is concerned with a wide range of factors of economy, convenience and interpretability. The inference and the importance of the results also need to be highlighted. So don’t forget to customize your Facebook page before all this.

A research recommendation says the reasons for why it is being recommended. It talks about its methodology, approach and importance as a whole. The research paper writing guide is an excellent approach.

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