Writing a Term Paper on Shakespearean Sonnets

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

English literature is one of the most fascinating subjects to study with its vast collection of literary works. You will find various sections in literature including prose, drama, fiction, poetry and so on. Out of these, poetry is one literary style which has various sub-divisions. Poetry existed long before it got acknowledged as poetry. During ancient times, poetry was limited to lyrics which were casually put together in the form of folklores. But since then, it has evolved into something which is organized and with technicalities which define its various sub-sections. William Shakespeare is one of the most famous poets of all times. His best works include his collection of sonnets which you will be learning about as a part of your English syllabus. Writing a term paper on a Shakespearean sonnet can be interesting and challenging at the same time.

Before you even start writing the term paper, you need to appreciate the fact that the sonnets which were written by Shakespeare were differed in certain aspects of the acknowledged aspects of sonnets, of his period. But the alterations brought forth by Shakespeare were so beautiful that it got acknowledged as a sub-division of the poetic style. With due respect to his efforts to add beauty to the style, his way of framing sonnets came to be known as ‘The Shakespearean Sonnets’.

In order to write a term paper on Shakespearean Sonnets you need to first study and understand its technical aspects thoroughly. His collection of sonnets, which comprises of 154 poems were written on different themes like love, hatred, desperation, despair and lust. These sonnets are said to have been autobiographical. But there are very few facts about Shakespeare which has been proved. The same remains the case with the nature of his sonnets. Even though Shakespeare’s life and his works remain one of the favorite topics for research, nothing much has been established about it so far.

You can either choose one of his sonnets for your term paper on Shakespearean sonnets or write collectively about all the poems in his collection. The first 17 sonnets address a young man whose beauty forms the theme of these poems. The poet urges the young man, through these poems, to marry and reproduce to make sure that his divine beauty passes on. This set of sonnets was termed as procreation sonnets as the main theme is the poet’s wish to see the beauty of the man reproduced. It has been guessed that the poets love for the young man was more than a friendly or brotherly affection as some of his later sonnets talk about ‘sinful love’.

It can be guessed from the sonnets which were written later that Shakespeare was in love with a woman, who admired the young man whom Shakespeare loved. Shakespeare’s description of the woman has been a controversial topic as it could be interpreted as both negative and positive. It often sounds like the poet resented the fact that she managed to generate the same kind of feelings in himself and his friend.

Only by studying his sonnets thoroughly will you be able to prepare an impressive term paper on them. If you are finding it difficult to manage the task, you can take help from our academic writers to complete your term paper on Shakespearean sonnets.

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