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1We guarantee that your paper will be completed to your specifications - we write each and every paper from scratch according to your specific guidelines. We guarantee that we will fulfill all of your guidelines.
2Delivered by your deadline- We meet all of our deadlines, no matter how tight they may be. We even usually upload papers a couple of hours before the deadline so that the customer has a chance to go through it before the deadline.
3Unbeatable quality, up-to-date sources- No other custom writing has access to as many online and university libraries. We have access to such a large number of sources that there are practically no sources of information that we cannot find.
4Plagiarism-free papers- We guarantee that all of our papers are unique and a 100% plagiarism free.
524/7 customer support service- We are one of the very few custom writing services that actually have a working customer service. You will able to contact over the phone, through online chat, through our message board and via email at any time of night and day. This is a 100% unique quality of customer support in this industry.
6Free revision- We offer unlimited revisions, to assure our customers' satisfaction, and they are offered to you 100% free of charge.
7No delivery charges- Your paper will be delivered to you via email for free.
8No hidden fees- The price that will be quoted to you from the beginning is the final price; there will be no extra or hidden charges. We run an exclusively honest business; we never try to give a false impression.
9Original creative work- Each and every one of our masterpieces is written from scratch, nothing will be copied from any sources or pre-written papers. We give your specific guidelines to your writer and he/she writes a high quality academic paper according to them and nothing else.
1012 hour orders guarantee professional research and a creative approach.
11Variety of topics- Due to the fact that we have such a large team of qualified writers, we are qualified to cover an array of subjects that cannot be met by any of our competitors. You will never be contacted by us to say that we are unable to find a researcher for your topic nor will you ever receive a paper from us that is not written by someone who is not an expert in the field of knowledge that is required.
12Affordable prices- You will not find another custom writing company that provides the quality that we provide at such low prices.
13Student-friendly service- We value our customers and therefore do everything to make sure that our service as easy to use and as friendly as possible.
14Result-oriented objectives- We have been writing top quality academic papers for years now using the experience that we have, we have been able to develop a writing procedure that attains the desired results each time.
15Team of professional writers- We hire no one but expert writers in their field of knowledge. These heights of professionalism have yet to be reached by any other company in this market.
16Satisfaction guarantee - Not only do we guarantee the quality of our papers we also guarantee the satisfaction of each customer. We will work not only to attain academic quality but also to meet the customers' personal and individual goals for the paper.
17Hundreds of regular customers- We have hundreds of regular customers, meaning that we have been able to constantly meet the requirements of hundreds of different people from different backgrounds and at different academic levels. This proves the fact that we can satisfy any customer.
18Access to the major university libraries and databases- Our writers have access not only to online libraries but also many of them have access to university libraries. It is a huge plus as far as researching an essay is concerned.
19Years of successful experience- Unlike most companies in this industry we have been writing essays for a very long time now and the experiences that we have had over the years have allowed us to perfect both our service and the actual methodology we use to write essays.
20Plagiarism software check- all of our essays go through anti-plagiarism software so you can be 100% sure that they are original and are safe to use.
21Papers never resold or published- We will never sell your essay to anyone else and we will never publish it or even a part of it, once the revision period has passed you essay will be deleted from our system.
22Chapter by chapter delivery option- To help us make sure that our writer is on the right tracks we are willing to provide your order in parts and outlines or rough drafts (this is also free of charge).
23Time, money and frustration saver- working with some custom writing companies can cause more stress and consume more time than actually writing the essay yourself, which really defeats the point of ordering an essay. We on the other hand are here to make sure that we take all of your stress off of your shoulders and assure that you get exactly what you want and within the timeframe that you would like to receive it.
24Privacy and confidentiality guarantee- Another very important part of our service is the fact that we respect your privacy and will not pass any of the personal information that you give us onto any third parties. There is also no way to trace the papers that we provide you with back to us.
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