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In order to avoid plagiarism and protect your credibility, you are required to cite your paper.  References lists and source citation are regulated by certain rules. This chapter covers a number of relevant articles investigating the citation and reference issue. To get a better understanding of how you can use our know-how visit You will benefit from cooperating with us.

The APA format for Citing the sources

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APA or the American Psychological Association has developed a particular style of documentation which is known as the APA style. This is widely used for the documentation purposes of research findings in subjects like sociology. This style has strict guidelines on the methods of formatting the research paper. The method of citing the sources used for the research is also unique for APA style.

APA style uses in-text citations, also known as parenthetical references. The details to be given in the in-text citations include the surname of the author as well as the year of publication. This appears right next to the cited information. The information is to be separated from the text by brackets. If you are directly quoting a paragraph, you will need to include the page number also in the in-text citation. Separate the information using commas. This style of citation is also known as the author-date system referring to the information given on the author and the date of publication.

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How to Cite your Sources in MLA format

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Citing the sources is a vital part of the research paper writing exercise. This serves the purpose of giving due credit to the sources who have assisted you and contributed to your research. The MLA style of documentation offers very simple methods for citing your sources. An MLA style manual should be used for reference while writing a research paper in this style.

The MLA style of documentation offers various methods of citing the sources including in-text citations or parenthetical references, footnotes or end notes and the separate section of ‘works cited’ listings. The method of citation to be used for your assignment should be determined after studying the guidelines of the assignment. Each of these methods has a different format. It may not be easy to memorize each of these clauses. There is also the fact that the manual keeps getting updated once in a while. Even though no major changes would be made in the style, it is always ideal to refer to an updated manual while handling an MLA style research paper assignment.

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The Importance of Citing the Sources in a Research Paper

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Research paper writing is an exercise which requires support and guidance from more knowledgeable sources. There is no research paper assignment which you will be able to complete without the use of sources. You will be referring to books, journals, online sources and even television documentaries to collect enough evidence to support your theory and to collect information on the topic you are researching on. It is mandatory to cite the sources you have used for your research, in your research paper document. This applies to each and every piece of information taken from any of the sources you used for reference.

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It is Essential for a Writer to Learn How to Cite a Paper to Protect His Credibility

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When a Writer Aims to Accomplish an A Level Paper, He Should Know How to Cite a Paper

Writing has several imperatives; there are numbers of regulations with regards to citation of sources and references lists. Failure to quote an author’s name, or a book where the material was gathered (in cases of anonymous authors), or websites, or whatever published work had been used—will result to plagiarism. However, there are various citation styles, and each style has different, vital techniques of citing sources. When one is tasked with writing research papers; it is important for him to understand the required citation style to be able to accurately give credit where credit is due. It is essential for a writer to learn how to cite a paper; inability to do so may ruin his credibility and will result to unethical usage of another author’s work(s).

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How to write biology research paper

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How to write biology research paper deals with different aspects of life and his relation with the environment. This good research paper writing should try to explore different facts of life by doing small experiments and also by gathering secondary data from diverse sources to make a quality work.

In the custom research paper one is bound to mend the topic according to its requirements. If we think of our environment as simply outside the world; as something that surrounds and “environs” us, we underestimate its role. The relation of life and environment is extremely intimate. The organism itself, the life structure, is the product of past life and past environment. Environment is present from the very beginning of life, even in the germ cell. We think of our organisms as ourselves and environment as that which lies outside us. But the environment is more than a conditioning factor of a life that can be conceived of apart from it. Imagine that we were suddenly transported to a much larger point. Our bodies would instantly become much heavier, and that alone would involve a myriad of other differences.

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What are the qualities of research paper writers

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What are the qualities of research paper writers are very much normal human beings like others. Writing a custom research paper needs some skills that one can achieve after writing a lot of papers. Any experienced writer has this advantage over the novice one.

The writer must start with selecting the topic and the research problem statement by narrowing it to a certain point. The thesis statement will be made based on this. The literature survey needs to be done minutely so the required facts can be gathered from the precious experiences. The background study is extremely important to understand the nature of the problem.

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Citing a research paper

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Citing a research paper is taken as the basic element to avoid it from plagiarism issues. The topic in question requires a deep investigation and tries to establish the facts and conventions in the article which requires to be mentioned for ethical practice of writing. The sources may be cited in MLA research paper, APA style or others.

The sources included in the original text must take into account all the rules and procedures for adhering the correct style so that one get to feel the structure and composition. The page format, writing style, font, using headers and footers, page length, page numbers and references or works cited page at the end. Setting margins, paragraph style and other components make sure that a particular style is being observed for practice, it could be Chicago style research paper , Harvard or others.

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