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We’ve all probably come across the Urban Dictionary (UD) by now. Aside from the fun-filled, often humor-laced euphemisms and slang, it can be a relatively great source for definitions that may not be easily found in traditional dictionaries. It is also a great place to search for words that are quietly gaining popularity in the ‘streets’ and are increasing in usage. You may not be even remotely familiar with the UD, which means writing an essay urban dictionary is bound to present daunting problems. The first thing you need to know about the Urban Dictionary is that it isn’t an authoritative resource. Therefore you should never reference it.

Moreover, unlike a traditional dictionary which provides the etymology of a word and how its use has evolved, the UD only gives popular usage as upvoted by others on the internet. If you need to write an essay urban on this resource, our expert writers have the entire scoop on how it works, and we are best placed to help you accomplish that superb grade. We also provide expert help, tips, and samples on the topic of urbanization which often proves difficult for many students.

Pro Tips to Effectively Tackle Any Urbanization Essay

Urbanization can be defined as the process through which people migrate from rural areas into urban areas, and more specifically cities, and the accompanying changes that are manifest. Historically, people have always moved towards more urban areas in search of work, amenities and a higher quality of living. The trend has become amplified in the last three centuries with a significant effect on both the human demographic and the environment. Every facet of our planet has been affected by this movement. Your urbanization essay may explore aspects such as the primary causes of urbanization, its effect on specific resources, how cities can exist harmoniously with nature, and social problems that arise from unmitigated movement.

An impact of urbanization essay provides one with even more leg room to write about. It is estimated that about 70% of those living in urban areas in developing countries fall below the poverty line. An increased strain on natural resources and lack of employment has led to increased social vices such as prostitution and crime. In cities such as Beijing and New Delhi, unprecedented and uncontrolled urban growth and industrial expansion have led to severe pollution, with toxic smog becoming a daily part of life. All these are possible topics for you to explore under the subject of urbanization.

Topics to Consider for Your Impact of Urbanization Essay

Urbanization impacts and possible solutions represent the core of these essays. To write an outstanding essay and secure that grade, you have to provide an astute correlation of how increased population concentration alters social, economic and demographic characteristics. This movement creates a huge ripple, causing everything from shifting land-use patterns, loss of culture and diversity, environmental degradation, a less happy society, and traffic build-up in urban areas. When writing a short essay on urbanization, you may not know how best to present all these facts, which is why our assistance will come in handy. Urbanization in the 21st century also melds with the concept of globalization, which gives rise to such issues as immigration, terrorism, a world economy more susceptible to economic and political shocks such as the 2008 global financial crisis, climate change and the rise of a potential single currency and governance system.

Get Access to a Superb Short Essay on Urbanization

Now that you are a bit more familiar with the causes and effects of urbanization, your essay may ask you to explore solutions to this problem. Your urban planning essay should showcase how best to optimize the actual infrastructure to improve the welfare and living conditions of those in these areas while remaining harmonious with the economy generating income. This should not only help to alleviate shanties and slums but should optimize the limited space within these urban areas. Our writers have in particular worked on an argumentative essay on urban agriculture incentive. This essay covers how governments and cities can incentivize agriculture on unused parcels of urban land through such methods as tax breaks or reduced land rates. An urban development essay may also cover political methods to be applied in providing guidance for waste disposal, improving renewable energy use, reduction of poverty through improved opportunities, encouraging alternative transport use and improving public-private partnerships in housing, job creation, etc.

We provide expert essays, free samples and comprehensive writing help on the entire subject of urbanization and its impacts, helping you get that stellar grade for these assignments. With guarantees such as zero-plagiarism, utmost confidentiality, and the best prices, you should’t to miss out!

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