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A good research paper is much more than just a painstaking summary of what you have read on a topic. It must present a thesis that you have developed by the thorough reading through the sources and thinking your topic over. Thinking through a research paper is much like thinking through any other written composition, though research papers differ in content and format from other kinds of papers. Writing a research paper is much like writing an ordinary essay. This process includes choosing a topic, asking questions to develop it, finding a thesis, outlining the paper, writing it per se and revising it. But a research paper does differ by its feature of presenting the main bulk of the material not from your own head but from printed and online sources (books and periodicals). You may use different writing techniques and research strategies that apply to any subject, though the conventions may differ slightly in various disciplines.

A research paper can be of three types:

  • explanatory survey,
  • analytical argument,
  • combination of both.

If you choose to explain your topic, you survey the facts and opinions on it objectively, but do not judge their worthiness. You can use quotation, summary or paraphrasing to report the facts and the opinions on the topic. You can explain advantages and disadvantages of various positions but remain unbiased by any of them.

If you choose to persuade, you interpret, question, compare and judge the statements you cite. You deal actively with them. In the end it makes them work together in your own argument that leads to your own conclusion.

While composing your research paper, mind the general requirements. You must introduce your survey or argument, develop it with your notes and conclude it. In order to meet special demands, follow some suggestions. The introduction should clearly establish the topic of your paper and its thesis or a framing question. Writing the main part of the paper, you put the jig-saw puzzle together. You create the whole out of several separate parts that should combine well in the end. The emerging result must not be the pure compilation of sources but a new and unique entity. The conclusion of the research paper should be done by stating its implications and reaffirming the thesis (for analytical arguments) or summarizing its findings (for explanatory surveys).

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