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Gay Rights Essay or Gay Marriage Essay – We’ve Got You Covered!

One of the most pertinent debates in society today is that of LGBT acceptance. This acronym stands for “Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender”. This is one of the most polarizing topics that college students have to write about. Due to strong cultural, religious, political and personal beliefs, most people find it difficult to express their opinions on it on paper since they might be laying their cards bare for everyone to see.

When it comes to matters of sexual preferences and idiosyncrasies, it is believed that people should indulge in what comes naturally to them. For a long time, the norm was heterosexual relationships, and this was generalized as common to everyone else. However, gay relationships go as far back as recorded human history. Therefore, why is it such a contentious subject now? This is among the major issues that your gay essay may seek to address. Seeing how personal, intricate and disconcerting writing on this topic might be, expert help such as what we provide might come in handy.

Your Gay Marriage Debate Essay Begins with History

Same-sex relations have been going on for thousands of years. Many important historical figures are in fact claimed to have engaged in no less than esoteric affairs with members of the same sex. Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Socrates, Da Vinci, and Marlowe – all of them are claimed to have had gay relationships, which means that these relationships aren’t new. But the concept of same-sex marriage or civil unions in countries where gay marriage isn’t constitutional goes against age-old ideologies about what marriage is supposed to be. Therefore, your gay marriage debate essay should address why society still finds it difficult to accept something that has existed for millennia.

In this respect, a gay marriage essay outline will help you focus your thoughts and arrange your arguments systematically and in a way that supports your position. If the gay marriage essay you’re working on is expository, you’ll need to go into historical evidence leading all the way up to current legislation in different countries and states which have accepted and even legalized same-sex marriage and civil unions.

A Gay Marriage Essay Outline Helps You Create Compelling Arguments

The best place to start your persuasive essay about gay marriage is a fact or statistic that will immediately compel your reader to see your point of view. For example, you could draw attention to the indifference or hate that same-sex couples have to endure, naming specific countries where some of these atrocities are committed. This should immediately make your stance clear.

At the same time, be aware that your reader might not necessarily share similar views. Therefore you shouldn’t make any offensive statements. Your body paragraphs should delve first into the history of the LGBT movement. Mention facts such as the empowerment of these groups in the 60s and 70s, repealing of laws that prohibit same-sex marriage, and the gradual acceptance of gay relationships in current society. The point is that an argumentative essay gay marriage should clearly state facts without any undue bias, seeing as this as a very emotionally charged topic.

Get Access to In-Depth Gay Marriage Essay Topics

From its secretive beginnings and history to its current trajectory of near-universal acceptance, there is much to be said about LGBT relationships. We have compiled a wide variety of gay marriage essay topics, which you can use as the basis for your essay. Some of them include:

  • Why are gay relationships considered offensive in most societies?
  • Should countries and societies have the sole discretion of choosing whether or not to accept gay marriage?
  • Is the same-sex marriage an ethical and moral issue?
  • Is being gay a medical problem and can one get help with it?

This is only a small sample of what we have worked on. Developing a gay marriage essay thesis is usually the most difficult part of these assignments, since feelings towards the issue are often ambivalent. This is our main expertise, and our samples will help you derive a clear and concise thesis that isn’t offensive, yet clearly showcases your stance.

Order a Superb Gay Essay and Get Expert Help!

Other topics that you can tackle in your gay rights essay include same-sex parenting, workplace discrimination, effects of homophobia in schools, the role of the media in LGBTQ activism, the gay debate on American politics, and general acceptance of the gay community. A legalizing gay marriage essay is quite polarizing, and we are experienced at providing a superb, balanced and in-depth paper without bias.

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