Writing interesting biography essays

Biographies come up as a topic for essay assignments in literature and most of the humanities subjects. The nature of the biography essay would depend on the subject for which it has been assigned. But there are certain basic features which are specific to essay written on real characters and their lives.

One thing that is absolutely specific to this type of essays is the fact that it is based on the life of people who exists or existed. Hence, there are a few things you must be careful about, while writing biography essays.

• The appeal of essays of biographical nature rests in the uniqueness of the matter presented. Hence, if you have the option of choosing the topic yourself, pick someone whose life has something interesting to reveal. If you do not mind doing extensive research, you can find absolutely interesting facts, even in the lives of ordinary people. What matters is not the person on whom your essay is based but what you make of the life of that person.

• As biographies are based on actual people, the sources you choose to collect information are very important. The sources must not only be relevant but also credible enough to substantiate the information you state in your biography essay.

• An outline must most certainly be used to frame an essay of this nature because the points you present must be organized well enough to make sense of it. Poorly placed points would make a biography illegible and incomprehensible.

• Essays on biographies can be prepared in various styles. But third person narrative is the most ideal method for narrating a biography. The exact style of narration should be determined according to the objective of the assignment and the subject area. If it is a literature assignment, you can get a bit innovative with your presentation methods. But in other subject assignments, it must be presented as per the specific requirements of the assignment.

• Try not to keep racing back and forth the life of the person on whom you are writing, unless you are absolutely confident of your writing skills. Those who have excellent writing skills can use writing techniques which involves shuffling of the past, the present and the future, without confusing the audience. But if you are not too good with your words, you will only end up making your essay incomprehensible by not maintaining a particular flow of time and period.

Essay writing skills are not easily attainable unless you are proficient in the language. Hence, the first step to impressive essay writing is that of learning the basics of effective written communication. Flawless language is one of the most important elements of effective and impressive writing. The art of good written communication involves writing without structural, grammatical or spelling mistakes.

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