A classification essay is aimed at categorizing an object or a subject depending on its characteristics. It not only helps in identifying the peculiar nature and features of the object but also gives the student a very good understanding of the topic in question. Some classification assignments come with a pre-assigned topic or a choice of topics. But there are assignments which leave it to the student to decide on what topic to write on. If it is your job to choose the topic, it would help to have an idea of what all to look for in a classification essay topic.

First consider the subject in relation to which you are preparing the essay. Even if you are permitted to choose any topic that you like, it would be better to stick to your subject as it would be easier for you to handle. Consider the kind of topics that come within your subject area. Short-list a few which appeals to you. For example, if you are studying sociology, choose topics within the range of sociology which you can classify satisfactorily. Please note that all topics can be classified in one way or the other but what matters is how well you can classify it. In sociology you will find options like “types of family structures”, “the various socializing methods” and so on.

Consider if you wish to classify one topic depending on its features or whether you want to classify multiple topics by categorizing them according to the characteristics. Think of the classifying principle you wish to apply to the topic. A classifying principle is the common platform which would help you categorize the topic or topics. Without a classifying principle you will not have a base to work on. Once you identify the principle then you can proceed to choosing a topic that appeals to you the most.

An in-depth knowledge of all the aspects of a topic is absolutely necessary while writing a classification essay. Without having a good grasp of the topic you will not be able to classify it. Hence you must choose a topic which you are already familiar with or one which you can get familiar with, within the allotted time for the project. While considering the deadline for the purpose of choosing a topic, you must also consider the method you will need to use to classify the topic.

The method of research while writing a classification essay depends completely on the topic. There are topics which can be dealt with using text sources and there are also certain topics which require qualitative research methods. For example, you can classify ‘the various types of poetry’ by referring to the books in your library. But if you are choosing a topic like “the preferred fashion trends of the men and women who belong to the modern generation, in India” you will have to use qualitative research methods by interacting with those who belong to the new generation and find out the preferences. Since qualitative research is more time-consuming, you must consider the deadline before choosing the topic.

Without a suitable topic, it will not be easy to handle a classification essay assignment satisfactorily. If your objective is to score well in your academic assignments, it is important to understand what kind of topics would suit each type of assignment.