Writing imperatives are rules that writers need to adhere to. Plagiarism is an issue that can greatly ruin the credibility of a writer. To avoid this, your university essays must have essay references. Writing an essay, or any other written project calls for competence, and it is essential to keep up to writing instructions.

There are various formats in citing your paper essay, however, before you proceed with your paper, it is important that you find out the required paper format. It is also crucial that you know how to write essay outline to be able to carry out an A level paper.

Indeed, the ability to accurate cite your sources will demonstrate integrity. The writer’s credibility is an important aspect of his writing career. The accuracy of his citations or his skill to give credit to his sources shows his proficiency and professionalism.

Citing references are necessary to:

• Assist readers to come across the original materials. One major role of referencing is to lead the readers to the works that had been used by the writer. It is important to provide accurate information to help readers easily find the sources. Give the page numbers when citing books, journals and other print pages, while url’s must be given when web sources had been utilized.

• Avoid plagiarism. As mentioned, citing sources is crucial to prevent cases of plagiarism. It is allowed to use the works of other writers, for as long as these works are accurately cited on the reference list or works cited list, which is placed at the end of the project. There are situations when sources are actually cited, yet plagiarism still takes place. Common cause is inaccurate citation.

• Show professionalism. Referencing illustrates writing aptitude. Correct citations show that the writer is experienced and knowledgeable. Citing sources is not easy, it has numbers of rules, and there are numbers of citation styles. The aptitude to correctly abide by the basics of all these referencing formats reveals writing expertise.

• Improve quality of the project. Your written essay may be good, with excellent articulation of thoughts and ideas. However, such excellence may be useless when you have failed to cite your sources.

Referencing also shows a possession of facts—ideas which had been used in the project. It also illustrates that you have a high opinion of the authors of the works that you have used for your paper. Citing sources also reflects the efforts and hard work that you have exerted to complete the essay.

Citing your references will also show that your essay was based on facts. It is also a sign that you have a high-level technique of writing. In addition, citing indicates that you are giving adequate attention to your paper. Papers that are referenced denote that you have truly given focus on details, and that it had been meticulously written. Essay reference can do a lot to your written work. It can perk up your essay in countless ways. Liven up your essay by using valuable sources.