High school essay are the articles written at this level. Writing an article properly is a great difficulty for the students at this level because most of the students are unaware about how to write a perfect article? This paper is devoted for all the students who want to know the details of proper article writing. We also write adolescent essay.

To write a custom paper first you need to carve out the area of your course in which you think you are very comfortable and you have a fair bit of knowledge. As writing a good paper requires intense study and good grasp over the subject matter never choose a topic in which you are not comfortable. Next important thing is to select a problem and then to frame a question or hypothesis from that. Remember that your attempt should be to find some thing new. Another important thing is to make a clear plan about your budget and the sources from where you have to collect your data.

If the data required for your data are not easily accessible or are confidential in nature then make a clear plan before starting your project about the process of collecting your data. If you find that to collect the required data is not feasible then look for some other topic. We have seen that many a times students have to leave their project at the middle because they could not collect the required data. So we strongly recommend the students to make a clear cut plan before starting the project about the accessibility of the required data.

The starting point of your article is the cover page containing the title of your article, the place of study and the name of the supervisors and co supervisors of your study. This section will be followed by the acknowledgement section. After that you can deal with the content page. The content page will work as an index for the whole paper which will clearly state the page nos. of different sections of the paper. After that you may write the abstract of the paper.

The advantage of essay synopsis is that it gives a clear cut idea to the reader about what to expect from the paper without reading the whole paper. After that you can write the literature review section if any. It talks about the previous work already been done in this particular field. Then you can write the introduction of your paper. This section will say about the scope, importance and approach of the paper and the reason for choosing this particular topic.

The introduction section is followed by the background study. Then you can represent your collected data in a proper graphical manner. After that you can incorporate the analysis section, the research methodology and the limitations of the study. The ultimate two sections are the conclusion and the bibliography section.

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