How to write global warming research paper

How to write global warming research paper would deal with this much discussed topic. Rise in the temperature of the earth is called global warming.

Global warming essay is being felt due to the specific characteristics of the green house gases. Greenhouse gases are mainly three a) carbon dioxide b) water vapor c) ozone. Out of these three gases only carbon dioxide contributes largely to the green house effect in the earth’s atmosphere, because carbon dioxide is much more uniformly distributed in atmosphere.

A good research paper would take care of the classification and density of information. The major suppliers of carbon dioxide gas to the atmosphere are 1) eruption of volcanoes 2) respiration of living organisms 3) decay of dead organisms 4) burning of fossil fuels and 5) cultivation of land. Contribution in global warming is 24% by industrial processes, 14% by deforestation, 13% by agriculture and 49% by energy use.
Before explaining the green house effect and its results on earth we should recall the composition of sunlight.

Introduction of research paper is a must and highlights the substance for the entire paper. The sunlight consists of three types of radiation a) ultra violet radiation b) visible light and c) infra red radiation. Infra red radiations are heat rays. They heat the earth and its atmosphere. Infra red rays are emitted by hot bodies like sun. These rays are very short wave lengths which are not absorbed by either carbon dioxide or even glass sheet. So, the short wave length infra red rays emitted by the sun can pass through a blanket of carbon dioxide gas or even from a glass sheet.

The infra red rays emitted by less hot objects like the earth’s hot surface. They are of long wave length which can be absorbed by carbon dioxide molecules. They cannot escape by a blanket of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The long wave length infra red rays cannot go even through a glass sheet. This blanket of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere allows the sunlight to come in freely but doesn’t allow the infra red radiation reflected by the earth’s surface to go out. It is just because the sunlight can come in freely but the infra red rays cannot go out freely that the temperature of earth’s atmosphere is raised.

This results into global warming . Be noted that, there is a direct relationship between carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the temperature of earth’s atmosphere. So, if the proportion of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere increases, then the temperature of earth’s atmosphere will also rise further. This is the main cause of global warming. Global warming brings major changes in world climate.

Sea level can rise because the warmer water in seas would expand and water stored in polar glacier would melt. The custom research paper on this subject should give different facts and figures. So the research methodology will depend mainly in the collection of secondary sources of data and information from varied and then proper analysis of these facts and figures. Different scientific journals and magazines can be futile sources.

Global warming research paper works with different aspects of this issue. This issue has impact in all over the world.

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