What is cloning research paper

What is cloning research paper deals is much debated issue in the science world. This is a very vital issue that can change the course of human history in future. In the coming sections we will discuss about the fundamentals of cloning and how a custom research paper in this subject will likely to be.

A good research paper would explore the literature review at its best so that one is able to understand the basics of the subject. A clone is a group of genetically identical individuals (organisms or cells) all derived from the same ancestor by asexual or Para sexual methods. Clones are quite common among lower forms of life (prokaryotes and eukaryotes, plants and animals) as they commonly reproduce asexually. Among the higher plants also, clones are not uncommon. In fact, many of our important food and ornamental plants like potato, sugarcane, ginger, mango, citrus (lemon, oranges etc.), roses, gladioli, grasses and others are commonly grown through vegetative (asexual) methods and are, therefore, clones.

Enough history must be evaluated for letting the audience know the depth of research material and the very basics of the problem. Among the higher animals, however, clones are not found naturally and all attempts to develop clones failed till recently. It was recently that a group of biologists from the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, England succeeded in cloning sheep. Their method involved transplanting nuclei from cell lines that had been established from very early(9 day old) sheep embryos to enucleated(from which nucleus had been removed) eggs. After the fusion of the donor cell nucleus with the enunciated egg, the reconstructed embryos were cultured for a few days in legated oviducts of sheep or on well defined medium. Thereafter they were implanted in the eves till full term (birth). Recently the same group has succeeded in obtaining live lambs from cell lines established from more mature (26 day old) embryos and even from an adult tissue (mammary gland) from a 6 year old eve.

The results of these studies are of great significance as they open up vast areas to think and manipulate. Together with genetic engineering, these techniques provide tremendous opportunities to exploit for the good of the mankind provided they are not misused. The American Physicist, Richard Seed, has raised the world wide controversy by announcing his intention to clone human beings. He has declared that he will clone himself first to counter criticism of his intentions and fears of the risk involved. This has obviously raised questions of ethics in general research.

The literature survey and background study is absolutely vital for making a right kind of introduction. The research methodology will depend mostly on the secondary sources of data and its proper analysis. The analysis needs to be unbiased and multidimensional.

You have to take care of not only the scientific issues but also the possible impact of cloning in the human civilization. APA style research paper is the commonest for citations.

Cloning research paper can be of amateur or professional nature. The kinds of paper that we have to submit in the academics course are of the first type and we will discuss with this type of paper only. As the research is of very sensitive in nature you have to be very careful at the time of writing it.

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